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Letter to NI Assembly on Helmet Law

I am writing this submission from my position as chairman of ‘’, the all-island umbrella body for utility cyclists. I was born in Belfast and lived there for part of my childhood years. All my relatives live in Northern Ireland.

I would urge that you listen to what experienced cyclists (Cyclists Touring Club, NI Cycling Initiative, many individual cyclists, etc.) have been saying to you about this Bill. Its original proponents may mean well but what you, as legislators, have to consider is the unintended consequences of introducing it into law.

I would urge that you consider your answer to these two fundamental questions below:

  1. Is the Bill going to reduce significantly the incidence of road traffic collisions involving a cyclist and a motorised vehicle?
  2. Is the Bill going to reduce significantly the incidence of head injuries leading to death or morbidity in such collisions?

The peer-reviewed research evidence suggests that the answer will be ‘no’ to both these questions. The CTC and others have provided you with the references to this literature. Continue reading Letter to NI Assembly on Helmet Law

Survey of General Election 2011 Candidates

With the general election looming we felt the need to make ourselves known to the prospective TDs and make cycling visible in the election campaign. Jonivar created a survey which can be found along with the summary at . The survey deals with; personal bicycle use, national cycling policy, benefits of cycling, encouraging cycling among children, driver training, bike schemes and the law. Continue reading Survey of General Election 2011 Candidates

Bikes on trains – reservations now possible

After much delay there is now an interim solution for booking a bike space on a train.

You must book online and the bike space must be reserved at the same time as you purchase your ticket. If you buy two tickets you get two bike spaces, so if traveling in a group where only one needs a bike space they need to book separately

Flat bike fare is 6 euro single or 12 return this is cheaper than current fares for most medium to long distance journeys

On most trains the name of the bike owner should be displayed electronically at the bike rack

More information and feedback on Dublin Cycling Group’s Facebook page

Articles in and

Irish Rail’s announcement page, and their page on cycles and trains

“I come up with all my ideas for songs when I’m cycling” – Karen Egan

Karen Egan singer & songwriter

Me & my money: Are you a saver or a spender? I rarely have enough money to save but when I do I think buying quality products always saves you money in the long run.

Do you shop around for better value? These days, all the time. But I do worry about eating food that’s cheaply produced, so I spend a bit more on that.

What has been your most extravagant purchase ever and how much did it cost? £120 on a top hat. It’s collapsible.

What purchase have you made that you consider the best value for money? My bike. It’s the fastest and cheapest way of getting around town, and it’s my site of inspiration. I usually come up with all my ideas for songs when I’m cycling.

Full article – Irish Times