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Cyclist.ie – The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network – is primarily a federation of the affiliated urban cycling or walking campaigns groups in Ireland. Greenway promotional groups may also be members. These collectively comprise the groups listed under Regional Cycling Promotion Groups or RCPGs (see links, left sidebar). Various bicycle festivals and the ‘Wind in Their Hair’ movement are also associated with the organisation.

Each RCPG nominates up to two delegates who collectively comprise The Council, the governing body of the federation. The Council meets formally at least twice per year. An Executive Committee of up to six nominees runs the organisation on a daily basis with the National Cycling Coordinator in attendance. The Executive meets by means of video-conference calls on a monthly basis or as required.

Cyclist.ie is a membership-based organisation. The individual campaigns collectively have in excess of 700 members.

The organisation is not incorporated.

Colm Ryder (Dublin Cycling Campaign) is the current chairman.

Dr. Mike McKillen is a member of the ECF Bike Helmet sub-committee and contributes to its research, deliberations and policy development.

Dr. Mike McKillen and Damien O’Tuama (Dublin Cycling Campaign) are members of the ECF’s Scientists for Cycling sub-committee.

Cyclist.ie is a member of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sports National Bike Week committee.

RCPG members sit on Transport Strategic Policy Committees in Dublin City Council, Dun Laoire Rathdown County Council, South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council, Cork City Council and Galway City local authorities. These committees deal with transport and traffic issues.

Cyclist.ie currently as 12 members who are certified ‘Bikeability’ instructors under the UK Department for Transport’s/CTC’s ‘Bikeability’ scheme. It also has two members who are trainers-of-trainers under Bikeability.

The individual RCPGs collectively have in excess of 700 members. This membership penetration has to be set in the context of very low numbers nationally of commuters actually using a bicycle to get to work, school or college. The number of posts on the Facebook page regularly reach 900. Dublin Cycling Campaign has over 4,500 Facebook followers. More information on membership.

Elected Officers

  • Chairman:Colm Ryder
  • Vice-Chairman: Vacant

National Cycling Coordinator: Damien O’Tuama (based at An Taisce HQ, Tailors Hall, Dublin 8)


That cycling is a normal part of transport and everyday life in Ireland.


To act as a non-governmental organisation for purposes which are beneficial to the community and to be a national voice in promoting cycling as an integral part of the transport system, and as an enjoyable, healthy, low-cost and environmentally-friendly activity in its own right.   In pursuance of this mission we will:

•    Develop and publicise policy
•    Make submissions on planning and transport matters
•    Undertake research, training and education
•    Raise funds

Aims / Objectives

  • Cyclist.ie seeks a dramatic improvement in road safety and traffic conditions for all cyclists
  • Cyclist.ie views the realisation of these aims as vital to facilitate a marked increase in the numbers of commuters (including children) choosing the bicycle as a means of daily transport.