kerry COMMUNITY needS your help!

Kerry County Council wants to amend a publicly owned greenway route and the local community are looking for support.

Local community campaigners in Kerry have alerted us to the proposal by Kerry County Council to divert an agreed greenway route (Tralee to Fenit) around a private property, despite the actual agreed route – the former railway line – being in public ownership.

They are asking you to submit your objection to Kerry County Council – [email protected] – by latest this Friday, 4th September.  You can check out the details in’s draft submission below, and feel free to copy any or all of the points in our submission into your own (and amend as you see fit). Do please let us us know at [email protected] if you made a submission.

For all the documents regarding the scheme itself, go to:

4th September 2020

Part 8 – Tralee-Fenit Greenway (Bawnboy) Submission [draft] is Ireland’s national cycling advocacy network, and the Irish member of the European Cyclists’ Federation. Our vision is that everyday cycling becomes a normal recognised transport mode here in Ireland.  

We are extremely disappointed to have to make this submission to Kerry County Council in relation to the proposed Bawnboy diversion of the greenway from Tralee to Fenit.  We write this on behalf of the thousands of cyclists throughout the country.  In July 2018 we made a considered submission in good faith to Kerry County Council . Overall were supportive of the proposals outlined, with a number of caveats, which we described in the submission.  

To now discover that Kerry County Council propose to introduce a major diversion to the originally agreed route, subsequently ratified via the original Part 8 process, is more than disappointing.  It would appear not to be in the best public interest for the following reasons:

  • It flies in the face of the decision made by Kerry County Council to approve the original Part 8 proposal, as stated in both the EIA and AA statements and described as – ‘the previously approved and assessed Tralee to Fenit greenway’
  • It diverts unacceptably from the original railway line path, which is in public ownership
  • It adds an extra 700metres to the length of the greenway with no obvious public benefit, or practical reason.
  • It rewards the illegal use of public land by an unauthorised business.
  • It delays the construction, and adds to the cost, of the original agreed greenway route., on behalf of cyclists nationwide objects in the strongest possible terms to this Bawnboy amended greenway route and the capitulation by Kerry County Council to a private individual, which goes against the general public benefit and sets an unfortunate precedent.

We urge Kerry County Council to revert to its original decision to use the original alignment of the Tralee to Fenit railway line.



Colm Ryder
Chairperson – the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network
℅ Tailor’s Hall
Back Lane
Dublin 8
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 087-2376130 

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  1. Is there a map, or screenshot from Google Maps of the section you’re talking about, is there a link to Kerry CoCo where they’ve asked for public input? Thanks.

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