submission on nta strategy for the gda made a submission today (Friday 22 January 2021) to the National Transport Authority in regard to its Review of the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (GDA).

In our submission (a link to it is below), we stressed the point that, almost uniquely, cycling is a key enabler for the four challenges listed within the strategy overview:

–  Climate Change and the Environment
–  Health and Equality
–  Growth and Change and
–  The Economy 

We pointed out that progress has been slow in the early years of the 2016-2035 GDA Strategy on the development of the cycling network, despite the publication of the GDA Cycle Network Plan Strategy in 2013 .  

Given the extra urgency in regard to the need to decarbonise our transport system and provide a healthy mobility system, we now look forward to a serious focus and rapid progress in the revised strategy on all public transport projects and, in particular, on active travel projects. We need a fairer allocation of road space and reallocation towards active travel.  This needs to be prioritised as part of this strategy review.

We underlined the need for high quality cycle infrastructure to be provided throughout the region and linking in to public transport interchanges with state-of-the-art cycle parking provision.

We exhorted the NTA to be far more ambitious in its strategy development so that in the coming years, staff from Local Authorities countrywide – and even from abroad – will travel throughout the GDA to observe and to try out a wealth of super high quality, low carbon, mobility interventions and systems.

You can read our full submission here here.

And we wish to acknowledge the work of our colleagues in Dublin Cycling Campaign in drafting their submission (from which we have borrowed many points).

And you can read the NTA issues paper to which we responded here.  

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