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Bike lanes study shows support for new routes across ages and political views

There is strong backing in Britain for more cycling infrastructure, with support firm across all ages, political backgrounds, social classes and commuter types, according to new data from British Cycling.

The findings come from a major YouGov poll carried out for British Cycling. The main results, released last month, showed 71% of Britons back building cycle lanes on main roads, against just 18% who oppose this.

However, new analysis from the poll findings show how broad this support is. There was at least 50% support for more bike lanes among all types of commuter – car, public transport, cycling or walking – even if the theoretical bike route might cause a five minute delay on their journey to work.

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Quantifying the contribution of utility cycling to population levels of physical activity

Population levels of physical activity are far below recommendations limiting its public health benefits. Utility cycling (i.e. cycling for transport purposes) may be a means of increasing this activity. Empirical evidence quantifying the contribution of utility cycling to the population levels of physical activity is sparse. Read article

Published by the Health Economics Research Group (HERG)

Cycle death case handling ‘may need to change’ has been concerned about how cycling fatalities and serious injuries arising from road traffic collisions (RTCs) are handled in Ireland by the Garda-DPP axis. The report from The BBC below shows that there is concern about how the local constabularies and the CPS handle these cases in England.

The way cycling deaths are treated by police and prosecutors may need to change, the former Director of Public Prosecutions has said.

Sir Keir Starmer said there was a “very strong case” for the Crown Prosecution Service to make the final decision on whether to prosecute cases.

Currently, police forces decide whether to pass a case on to the CPS after investigating a cycling death.

The CPS said cases should be referred to a prosecutor as early as possible.

Department of Transport figures show 113 cyclists were killed in the UK last year.

Last year a Freedom of Information request by BBC’s Newsbeat found that between 2007 and 2014 there were 276 recorded incidents where a cyclist was killed in an accident involving a motor vehicle.

Of these, 148 – 54% – resulted in the driver of the vehicle being charged with an offence. Of those found guilty, fewer than half went to prison.

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