Welcome to the Irish Cycling Campaign

What is the Irish Cycling Campaign?

The Irish Cycling Campaign is a newly formed National Organisation which is a hugely exciting development for cycling advocacy in Ireland. The campaign has arisen out of the existing countrywide network of cycling advocacy groups formerly known as Cyclist.ie whose origins, through Dublin Cycling Campaign, go back almost 30 years.

What about the existing Groups?

Every existing Local Group (e.g. Dublin, Cork, Limerick etc.) will continue to operate and will be a constituent group within the Irish Cycling Campaign. Local Groups will continue to have their own committee and will continue to focus on cycling advocacy primarily as it affects the Local Region. Meetings, events and local actions will continue as before. So, in practical terms, there will be little change for individual members at local level.

Why was the Irish Cycling Campaign Formed?

By uniting these Local Campaigns into a single National Campaign we greatly strengthen the voice of those calling for a better approach to personal transportation.  A National Organisation can avail of pooled resources and can share expertise, knowledge and administrative support.  There are also enhanced opportunities for funding.

What will the Irish Cycling Campaign do?

We will be increasingly active on behalf of people who get around by bike (and who would like to get around by bike). Already,  we work closely with road designers,  local and national politicians and statutory & government agencies;  our growing membership will  give us a stronger mandate across the country.  The cycling landscape is changing dramatically with greatly increased funding and fast tracking of some very good infrastructure. Now, more than ever, utility cyclists need a strong voice and engagement

So, what’s happening now?

We are currently in transition to new branding (logo, website, emails, social media) and will continue to use the current website until this is in place.  We will keep you informed by email and newsletter as we progress these and other initiatives (activities, volunteering opportunities and events).  It’s a big job and it may take us some time. 

Do I need to do anything?

All existing Members of Dublin Cycling Campaign and of Cyclist.ie will be transferred automatically to the New National Membership System; when this occurs you will get an auto Welcome Email, which will invite you to login and update your Profile, which The Irish Cycling Campaign encourage you to do.

If you are not an existing Member, per above, please consider Joining Us

Further Information

The Irish Cycling Campaign encourages you to engage and volunteer if you have time to spare. If you know any other people,  cyclists or non-cyclists,  who you think might be interested in helping our work to make Ireland a more livable country by promoting cycling please encourage them to join also.

More detail on the Membership System

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