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Cyclist.ie – The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network – is an advocacy, lobby and promotional group for everyday, or utility cyclists, founded in 2008 to:

  • Promote commuting, leisure/touring, shopping uses of cycling
  • Raise the profile of cycling issues
  • Campaign/lobby for promotion of cycling action at national level

Cyclist.ie is an affiliation of the Regional Cycling Promotional Groups; see links (left sidebar): Organisations / Regional Groups, or the Map.

Cyclist.ie is distinct from Cycling Ireland, which promotes sports cycling e.g. MTB, BMX, high-performance training, organising road races, entering Irish teams at international races, Olympic Games team entry, etc.

In the Spring of 2016, Cyclist.ie and Cycling Ireland entered into a memorandum of understanding that Cyclist.ie would act as its advocacy spoke (as we term it).

Cyclist.ie  promotes cycling as an integral part of local transport and an important part of addressing pressing contemporary problems, which include lowering greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, significant health problems arising from sedentary lifestyles, the high cost of motorised transport and the need to revitalise towns and cities.

Check out the the links (top of left sidebar) on all aspects of cycling, in Ireland and abroad.

If you want more information or are interested in getting involved, please Contact Us; you can also contact any of the Regional Groups  directly; pick the one closest to you.

You may also leave a comment here, on any of the posts, or on Facebook and Twitter.

The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network