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Vision – Mission – Aims


That cycling is a normal part of transport and everyday life in Ireland.


To act as a non-governmental organisation for purposes which are beneficial to the community and to be a national voice in promoting cycling as an integral part of the transport system, and as an enjoyable, healthy, low-cost and environmentally-friendly activity in its own right.


  1. That a minimum of 10% of transport’s capital funding is allocated to cycling.
  2. That the government’s National Cycle Policy Framework (2009) is implemented in full – and this includes appropriate staffing and training within the appropriate government departments, agencies and local government.
  3. That legislative changes so as to make cycling safer and easier (e.g. Safe Overtaking) are introduced, and that all traffic legislation related to creating a safer cycling environment is properly enforced.
  4. That our transport network is radically recast so as to include high quality cycle and walking-friendly infrastructure for all ages and abilities, which is integrated with all forms of public transport.
  5. That Cyclist.ie becomes a much stronger, more influential, inclusive, and effective umbrella group of cycling advocacy groups, which captures the views of its wide and diverse membership – and the many types of people who cycle or would like to cycle but are currently deterred because of a hostile road environment.

For the preamble to Cyclist.ie’s strategy, see https://cyclist.ie/strategy/

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