Tax Relief on Contributions

Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG/ (CHY No. 15482 & Registered Charity No. 20102029) is authorised by the Revenue Commissioners as an approved body under the Scheme of Tax Relief for Donations to Eligible Charities, Section 848A Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

What this means is that if you pay income (or capital gains) tax and donate /contribute a minimum of €250 to Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG/ in any year and complete a simple form from Revenue, we can claim approximately 45% in tax relief at no extra cost to you. For example, if you pay €250 that could be worth approximately €365 to us with tax relief.

There are two relevant Revenue forms – CHY 3 (Enduring Certificate) which covers a contribution period of five years and CHY 4 which covers a single year.

CHY3 is available from the Revenue Commissioners website here.

CHY 4 is available from the Revenue Commissioners website here.

You will need the official name of the charity which is

Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG (RCN 20102029)

If you decide during the five year period that you no longer wish to contribute to our work, you can cancel the Enduring Certificate at any time by contacting the National Cycling Coordinator.

All that remains is to post a hard copy of the completed form to at Tailors’ Hall, Back Lane, Dublin, D08 X2A3. and we will do the rest!

Revenue now pays an approximate blended rate of 45% to charities. This is regardless of the tax payer’s status – whether employee, self-employed or retired – and regardless of the rate of tax paid. In addition to completing the form, you must also reside in the Republic of Ireland for the year(s) in question and the amount of tax you pay should at least equal the tax rebate that we claim. We don’t need to know your tax details – all we need is your signature and your PPS number. We will retain this number only for the purposes of obtaining tax rebates on your donations.

The above only applies to contributions from an individual. Different rules apply to businesses. The Revenue Commissioners allow a business which contributes over €250pa to offset the amount against tax.