The following documents and technical guidance underpin local policies and strategies:

Project Ireland 2040

Project Ireland 2040 is the government’s long-term overarching strategy to make Ireland a better country for all and to build a more resilient and sustainable future. The strategy ensures the alignment of investment plans with the stated National Strategic Objectives for 2040 in a considered, cohesive and defined manner. Some key objectives for cycling include compact growth, a transition to more sustainable modes of travel  with a focus on improving walking and cycling routes and the preparation of local transport plans for all Key Towns.

The National Planning Framework and the National Development Plan 2021-2030 combine to form Project Ireland 2040. The NPF sets the vision and strategy for the development of our country to 2040 and the NDP provides the enabling investment to implement that strategy.

The Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan 2021 provides a detailed plan for taking decisive action to achieve a 51% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and setting us on a path to reach net-zero emissions by no later than 2050, as committed to in the Programme for Government and set out in the Climate Act 2021.

Sustainable Mobility

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is currently reviewing Ireland’s sustainable mobility (active travel and public transport) policy. The review work arises from a commitment in the Programme for a Partnership Government to review public transport policy “to ensure services are sustainable into the future and are meeting the needs of a modern economy”.  All documents relating to the review and background papers can be found here.

Strategy for the Future Development of National and Regional Greenways 2018

National Investment Framework for Transport in Ireland

This sets out a plan to manage the transport demands of a growing population, projected to l grow to almost 5.7 million people by 2040. Objectives include:

Support investment that helps us to realise compact growth and transport-led development.

Optimise existing infrastructure to make active travel and public transport attractive choices that are accessible to all, creating more liveable and sustainable urban communities. Prioritises investment in decarbonisation and the most environmentally sustainable transport modes, to include the development of cycle networks throughout the country, the delivery of major new public transport, the widespread deployment of low-emission vehicles, and improving sustainable mobility outside our towns and cities. 

Protect and renew transport infrastructure across the network to ensure accessibility, connectivity and safety. 

Facilitate regional rebalancing by ensuring that investment supports population and employment growth outside of Dublin 

Prioritise investment that enhances connectivity on our interurban network and to our ports and airports.

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