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CRAC: Cycle Route Assessment CHECKLIST

Bold Ambitions for Better Quality Cycle Routes

It’s 2021. And the cycle routes in Ireland are not yet good enough.


  1. Too often the designs overlook key elements, which help to make routes safe and attractive. 
  2. Ordinary people like you, are not participating in the design process.

Cyclist.ie has a bold ambition to help solve both of these problems. 


By creating one simple tool that can be used by designers to make sure every aspect of good design is included, and can also be used by people on bikes to meaningfully let those designers know what does or doesn’t work. 

One Tool, Two Jobs. 

This ambitious tool is called the Cycle Route Assessment Checklist (CRAC) and is an easy to use survey that takes you through a series of simple questions on your phone or laptop to assess any (existing or potential) cycle route. These simple questions are based on international best practice and have been designed to help raise standards by highlighting the key elements of a good quality route. Whenever you answer ‘no’ to these simple questions you are helping to draw attention to the weakest links within the route. That way we, as people who want to make the best use of our public spaces, can work together to make them better. 

We are in conversation with potential partners such as the National Transport Authority (to see if this tool could work in the guidance context), with local authorities (to assess whether it could be used as part of the design and consultation process) and with Green Schools (to see if it could be used as part of their safe routes to schools audits). 

To convince those partners we need to be able to demonstrate that CRAC works by bringing it to a required standard.

How do we do this? We need lots of people to try out our prototype and tell us what works and what doesn’t, so that we can be confident that the final version is something that we know really works. 

So please check out our tool to assess a cycle route near you: https://bit.ly/cractool, and help us achieve these bold ambitions. If you have any queries or comments feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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