Thank-you for choosing to Donate is a non-profit organisation and registered charity which relies on mainly voluntary efforts to advocate for greater funding, safer infrastructure, and improved legislation for cyclists of all ages. You can support cycling advocacy with a one-off donation, or Sign-Up and affiliate to your Local Group, if any. Any donation is appreciated and will go directly towards our cycling campaign initiatives, at both national and local level in Ireland. will gain further benefit by claiming tax relief on donations of €250 or greater at no additional cost to an individual. More information on Tax Relief on Contributions. Thank-you! apologies that Donations can currently only be made via Stripe; this is for technical reasons.

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  • Comply with the fundamental Principles that underpin our organisation’s work
  • Act with integrity, honesty and transparency at all times
  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • Declare any conflicts of interest or conflicts of loyalty that may arise during the course of my involvement
  • Not speak on behalf of the organisation unless I have been sanctioned to do so
  • Not expose myself, others, or the organisation to unnecessary risks
  • Preserve the reputation of the organisation.

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