Statement on Events and Insurance


Events play an important role in working towards our organisational goals. Events can be big or small, local or national, independently run or held as part of something bigger.

Of paramount importance is ensuring the health / safety / security of our members and managing the reputational risk of the organisation. A template event plan including safety arrangements is provided in our Operations Manual (Appendix 9).  

Organisers must ensure that any events planned are covered under our insurance policy and, if there are any incidents, these should be reported immediately via our Incident Report form

Full details of our events policy can be found in our Operations Manual (Section 14).


We avail of the Allianz BHP Community and Voluntary Policy. This policy provides cover for eligible activities undertaken in the name of the organisation. This includes the work of paid staff and volunteers (Patrons, Board, Executive Committee, Action Groups, Thematic Groups and Local Groups), provided that the law and all organisational protocols are followed.

The day-to-day actions of members (that is, those that are undertaken by people as private citizens and not in the name of the organisation) are not covered. The work of Partners and any companies to whom we contract out work is not covered either, as they are separate legal entities responsible for making their own insurance arrangements. Services, even if provided for free, by member groups are not covered by insurance.

Full details of our insurance position, plus a copy of our policy if needed, can be found in our Operations Manual (Section 9).