Leave a legacy by remembering your local Cyclist.ie group member, or alternatively Cyclist.ie itself, in your will!

The modern world is a challenge with a public health emergency, a climate emergency and a biodiversity emergency. Additionally, young people have a particular challenge with freedom of movement in a way that previous generations didn’t. In the past, parents allowed their children to go off exploring neighbourhoods and nearby places of interest, and having fun with friends. Now, however, due to the risk of injury or death on the road, this is no longer the case. Being chauffeured everywhere, we deny them the opportunity to stay healthy and develop resilience like previous generations.

Cyclist.ie campaigns against the results of high car dependency in Ireland. We want to see roads and streets that are safe for people of all ages and abilities and not just “brave” cyclists. If you would like young (and older) people to have the same opportunity that you had as a child, you might consider including us in your will. Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG/Cyclist.ie is registered with the Irish Charity Regulator (Reference CHY No. 15482 & Registered Charity No. 20102029). If you would like more information on leaving a legacy, please contact the National Cycling Coordinator. He can also be contacted by traditional mail at Tailors’ Hall, Back Lane, Dublin, D08 X2A3.

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