Cyclists welcome changes to Traffic Regulations

Traffic law changes end a grave injustice say cyclists. Cyclists celebrate end of unfair traffic regulation., the network for all the cycling campaigns in Ireland, has welcomed the recent ending of the regulation requiring mandatory use of cycle tracks by cyclists. The removal of the obligation was long sought for and was included as Objective 15.4 of the Government’s National Cycle Policy Framework (April, 2009). The changes to the Traffic Regulations were released by the Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar TD in September and became law earlier this month. As acknowledged in the National Cycle Policy Framework, much of the cycling infrastructure constructed in Ireland is of a poor standard and can place cyclists in a dangerous position – such as inside turning HGVs.

Example of ill-designed cycle lane

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Pedestrians and cyclists warned in road safety plan

PEDESTRIANS, CYCLISTS and bikers in the Dublin area are to be targeted by Gardaí as part of a new high-profile road safety campaign.

The “casualty reduction” plan, launched yesterday, will see “the full rigours of the law” applied to cyclists who go through red lights, cycle on footpaths or travel the wrong way on a one-way street facing increased levels of Garda enforcement.

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