Inactive lifestyles kill an estimated 36,815 people each year

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Professor Julia Verne, Director of the South West Public Health Observatory, said:

“While we realise there are some people who cannot engage fully in physical activity, the tool is useful in highlighting the scale of the impact of physical activity on health. Small increases in activity, even for those who can’t be fully active would still deliver big health benefits. Continue reading Inactive lifestyles kill an estimated 36,815 people each year

The Bike Helmet Paradox

Plastic shells keep our heads from coming open, but they also deter us from riding bicycles. And riding bicycles is good for people and Earth. bike helmets aervauihiuerhav615

Admonishing a teenager for smoking is commonplace. Reprimanding people for taking antibiotics when they don’t really need them is the next big thing. And giving people a hard time about biking without a helmet is still entirely in vogue. It’s because we care. But as we learned from the original food pyramid, sometimes good intentions pave the road to adult-onset diabetes. Read more

Boris Johnson’s bold thinking could change the future of London cycling

Boris JohnsonMayor’s new plans for cycling in the capital could re-shape the way Londoners transport themselves for decades to come

Make no mistake, this is significant.

No sooner do I lament the lack of political vision over cycling in Britain, as seen at the inquiry set up by the all-party parliamentary cycling group, when someone else altogether steps in with something truly bold.

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