State exams have “strong negative impact” on participation in sport

imageState examinations have a “strong negative impact” on the participation of children in sport, which in turn has “a lasting effect” on the likelihood of participation in later life.

Keeping Them in the Game: Taking Up and Dropping Out of Sport and Exercise in Ireland points out that the health issue most commonly associated with sport is obesity – and childhood obesity “reduces employment prospects and the likelihood of partnership as an adult”. Read article

Electric bikes take China by storm

The car is now king in China. The country’s rapid road to industrialisation has meant a large proportion of its citizens have traded in their bikes for four wheels.

This may have helped build a new modern economy, but it also has its downside: chronic congestion.

But now a bikes are returning to China’s gridlocked streets, only this time they are electric.

Adam Shaw visits the country where an estimated 120 million electric bikes are already in use, providing a greener alternative to the country’s four wheeled obsession.

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