Trains, planes and automobiles – how we got around in 2014

The number of people choosing to get around the capital on the public bikes system increased significantly, as passenger journeys jumped to over 3m in 2014.

Passenger journeys peaked at 355,155 in October of last year, almost 200,000 more than the number of users from the same month in the year prior. Public transport services all around the country – bus, rail and Luas – saw an increase in passenger numbers throughout the year.

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Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future

This White Paper sets out our energy future. It confirms our core objectives of sustainability, security of supply and competitiveness. It strikes a balance between these three pillars, whilst ensuring a low carbon future. It seeks to empower and engage communities across Ireland. Facilitating our people to engage and debate Ireland’s energy challenges is essential for the future development of the industry. Full paper

Fixed Charge Notices issued Jul – Sep 2015

Number of Fixed Charge Notices issued for the offences listed for the period 30 July 2015 to 30 September 2015

Parking in a cycle track during its period of operation (Contravention of requirement to remove vehicle parked on cycle track (RRM022 or 023) after commencement of period indicated on information plate contrary to Section 35(5) of the Road Traffic Act, 1994) 112

Invading an Advance Stop Line by failing to bring vehicle to a stop behind a primary stop-line (Failure to stop in advance of traffic sign number RRM 017 (Stop Line), contrary to Section 35(5) of the Road Traffic Act, 1994) 16

Failure to stop in advance of Traffic Sign (Failure to stop in advance of traffic sign for number RRM 017 (stop line) where traffic sign number RUS 027(stop sign) was also provided contrary to Section 35(5) of the Road Traffic Act, 1994) 60

Dangerous Overtaking (Overtaking another vehicle in a manner which wold endanger or cause inconvenience to any other person contrary to Section 35(5) of the Road Traffic Act, 1994).

Please note that it is not possible to provided a breakdown between overtaking pedal cyclists and mechanically propelled vehicles, therefore the figure provided relates to all manners of dangerous overtaking.

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