Executive Committee 2020-21

Cyclist.ie’s Executive Committee is the driving force of the organisation. It comprises 11 elected members, plus the National Cycling Coordinator.

The 2020-21 team was elected at our Council meeting in December 2020, and ratified in January 2021. 

This Executive had members coming from senior levels in the public, private and NGO sectors, and representing urban and rural groups, new and older organisations, and Cycling Campaigns, Bike Festivals and Cycle Buses.  

Collectively, they worked to create an Ireland with a cycle friendly culture, where everyone has a real choice to cycle and is encouraged to experience the joy, convenience, health and environmental benefits of cycling.

Colm Ryder (Chair)

I am the Chairperson of Cyclist.ie and an active member of Dublin Cycling Campaign. I have been active in NGOs for many years and am a life-long cyclist. My career background is civil engineering and public sector work. I am passionate about public space design and its relevance to people’s lives. I have worked hard to improve Cyclist.ie’s reputation with government departments and agencies. Cyclist.ie’s standing has grown over the years and we need to cement this and help to grow everyday cycling countrywide.  I am a big music gig goer — when it’s open! — and love sports and outdoor activities.

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Neasa Bheilbigh (Vice-Chair)

I am the Vice-Chair of Cyclist.ie, a member of the Galway Cycling Campaign and the Galway Cycle Bus. I have seen the impact active travel can have on children’s physical, social and emotional well-being and am passionate about creating an environment in which children can travel to school safely and independently. I see cycling advocacy as something that should be inclusive and believe strongly that those of all ages and abilities should be enabled to cycle. I have two young children and we love going for spins together on our cargo bike.

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Anluan Dunne (Kerry Cycling Campaign)

I am an avid mountain biker and cargo bike rider. We swapped our second car for a LvH Bullitt and haven’t looked back. I also love getting out onto the trails on my mountain bikes and racing cross-country or enduro on occasion. I work hard to push for real change on our streets to enable people of all ages and abilities to choose their bike for day-to-day activities. I also want to help local companies realise the benefits of supporting people shopping by bike.

Caitríona Corr (Kilkenny Cycling and Walking Campaign

My treasured bike bestows the freedom and the opportunity to get outdoors and connect with people, places and nature. I would love to see children and people of all abilities have the same opportunities to experience the independence of cycling that my generation had growing up. I am excited by the shift in our society towards people centred communities and the greater understanding of the importance of mobility choices for all. 

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Conn Donovan (Cork Cycling Campaign)

I am a primary school teacher and former environmental planner. I cycle for day-to-day reasons like going to work and the shops, but also like to venture further afield at the weekends. I have been volunteering with the Cork Cycling Campaign since 2018. My main focus is ensuring that no matter what age or experience, people feel enabled to cycle in Ireland if they so choose. 

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Conor Cahill (Dublin Cycling Campaign)

I am a member of Dublin Cycling Campaign where I have volunteered as:

Enabling more people to cycle can have multiple benefits to communities and the country with regard to public health, climate action, Covid-19 mitigation, the quality of public realm, and the quality of life for everyone.

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Dave Anderson (Navan Cycling Initiative)

I am a founding member and Secretary of Navan Cycling Initiative and have played a key role organising events, creating maps and encouraging the cycling ecosystem. While new to cycling advocacy, I have been a keen cyclist for a number of years, though I draw the line at wearing lycra. In my day, I am a freelance software product consultant, and have a background in IT and software development. I previously helped organise Agile Lean Ireland, Ireland’s largest Agile-Lean conference, and was a member of Fintech Ireland where I organised events, created maps and encouraged the Irish Financial Technology ecosystem.

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Dave Tobin (Limerick Cycling Campaign)

I am the current Public Relations Officer of Limerick Cycling Campaign. I am a primary school teacher in a suburban Limerick school, and also act as treasurer and board member for the Northside Family Resource Centre in Moyross, Limerick. Additionally, I currently represent the environmental pillar of the Limerick PPN on the Limerick Local Community Development Committee (LCDC). I have a strong focus on social inclusion both in terms of prioritising infrastructure projects in our city communities that have been historically left behind, and also ensuring that voices from all sections of our community are integral to the work of our group.

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Gerry Dornan (Maynooth Cycling Campaign)

I am the current Chairperson of Maynooth Cycling Campaign, and also the representative on the Kildare Cycle Forum and the PPN (Public Participation Network) community representative on Kildare County Council’s Transportation SPC (Strategic Policy Committee). I am currently also a member of the Board of Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG. I am interested in funding for cycling, urban cycling, engagement with political parties and maximising the impact of cycle campaigners on local authority SPCs.  

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Jo Sachs-Eldridge (Leitrim Cycling Festival)

I started Leitrim Cycling Festival to celebrate bicycles and communities and to find other people who also think cycling might be the answer to so many questions. I’m so pleased to have discovered this proactive, committed, growing group of cycling advocates – it makes change seem much more possible. Before I returned home to Leitrim I worked as a Transport Planner in the UK where I specialised in active travel and believe asking the right people the right questions (and really listening!) is the key to the development of good quality, useful routes. 

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Siobhán McNamara (Dublin Cycling Campaign)

School librarian, translator. Nature lover, bookworm, knitter. Person who goes places by bike. Cycling is my primary means of transport because it’s quick and reliable. It’s also cheap, efficient, and non-polluting, and good for physical and mental health. For a long time I was too nervous to cycle, and I still sometimes take significant detours to avoid certain roads or junctions. But getting back on my bike was one of the best things I ever did. I am very happy to join Cyclist.ie in its advocacy so that more people, of all ages and abilities, countrywide get access to top-quality infrastructure which makes cycling a viable and attractive transport option. 

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Damien Ó Tuama (National Cycling Coordinator with Cyclist.ie)

I have held the National Cycling Coordinator post since 2013, a position shared with An Taisce. My current focus is in supporting our 25 member groups collaborating effectively and advancing Cyclist.ie’s new strategy. I worked in the transportation and mobilities space in the private sector for over 20 years, and completed my doctoral research exploring transitions in mobility systems in 2015 (Trinity College Dublin). I am also an Evaluator and Steering Committee member for research projects under the EPA Research programme Annual Call under the pillars of Climate and Sustainability. I am on the European Cyclists’ Federation board since 2016 and was appointed to the Transport Infrastructure Ireland board in 2020. I enjoy gigs, DIY and adventures!

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You can contact any of our Executive Committee members by dropping a line to us here

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