Local Groups Map (Legacy)

The Local Groups show the growing array and diversity of cycling advocacy and activist groups in Ireland . They are categorised as shown by these icons:

  • Bike Festivals; event based and often artist-led, but may also be active year round
  • Cycle Campaigns: these are the core Cyclist.ie advocacy groups in cities, towns and villages
  • Greenway Groups: concentrate on expansion, quality and maintenance of urban and rural greenways
  • Cycle School Buses: community initiatives supporting children cycling to school
  • Special Focus: groups with a particular focus, in terms of policy and/or ways of campaigning, less general advocacy
  • Supporters: groups offering mostly financial support to help grow cycling advocacy

Click on any icon – in the map – to view group contact details; icons in the sea represent groups with a national rather than a local focus

The map also offers the ability to choose which groups are visible; by default all are shown but any can be selected or deselected; see the icon in the top right hand corner of the map

Formerly Cyclist.ie