Membership FAQ

What is the New Membership System?

The Irish Cycling Campaign (formerly is currently implementing a National Membership System; this will be used by all Members. The current version of the website represents Phase 2 of this project; there will be later Phases.

What’s available now?

You can Sign-up or Donate now; you can pay by either Stripe or PayPal; once Signed-Up you can maintain your details and manage your account.

What if I’m already Signed-Up?

You don’t need to do anything, the Irish Cycling Campaign is currently working on importing existing Subscriptions, you will get email(s) about this when it happens.

What’s new in Sign-Up?

The main difference is that Sign-Up / Register asks for your Local Group (pull-down selection); this will enable the Irish Cycling Campaign to support Local Group activity. After Sign-up, if you visit your Profile, you will be able to enter more information on your interests, if you’d like to.

The system also asks for a Email Address / Password combination, so that you can later Sign-In and Manage your Account. If you forget your password, please use Password Recovery.

There is no longer any Group Membership; instead each Member should Sign-Up individually and indicate their Local Group affiliation, if any.

What about Payment Systems?

The system supports Stripe and PayPal. The PayPal interface supported is for PayPal Express; this requires Users to have an existing PayPal account. Stripe does not support an account per se. You can also view your transaction history.

What if my Subscription Expires?

Subscriptions are annual, from the date you originally joined and renew automatically. Once you are logged in, you can Manage your Account. Occasionally, you may get auto emails e.g. if your Credit Card is declined, which happens most commonly when the Credit Card Expiry Date is updated.

What are the different Phases about?

Phase 1 was the introduction of the basic Membership System.

Phase 2 added PayPal, Donations and integration with Mailchimp, which is intended to be used for Emails to Local Groups and various other interest groups.

Phase 3, currently in progress, is to import Users.

Future phases will be more to do with the back-end i.e. Mailchimp, Management and Admin. functions.