DRAFT – Transition to Irish Cycling Campaign FAQ

The transition is underway to create a single national body – the Irish Cycling Campaign – to strengthen our position with the organisations we seek to influence, and improve cohesion across all local and thematic groups.

This is a complex task, and is ongoing. Below is a summary of the major milestones, and some answers to frequently asked questions.



The following milestones focus on the membership system milestones.

  • January
  • February – AGM to formally adopt the new name and Constitution
  • March – Cyclist.ie members moved to membership system
  • April – Dublin Cycling Campaign members paying by standing order are transferred
  • May – All Dublin Cycling Campaign members transferred to new system with updated fee
  • June – (World Bike Day) All members to be present in the membership system with updated fee
  • July – Cutoff for Local Groups to become affiliated with Irish Cycling Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

How will payments work now?

All donations and membership payments are made by card or PayPal, and renew automatically each year.

I’ve always paid by standing order. What happens now?

In order to operate as efficiently as possible, we’re moving away from standing orders and bank payments.

You should have received an email, or a letter if we don’t have an active email address for you, explaining the situation.

If moving from standing order to card payment means there’s an overlap in your membership period, a refund will be issued for the overlapping period.

Why does my PayPal invoice still say Dublin Cycling Campaign?

PayPal won’t allow us to change the name until the Charities Register is updated, and we don’t have any control over this unfortunately.

Why has the Cyclist.ie logo changed?

We have to operate under the new organisation name, and it was decided to change to an interim logo to communicate that we’re no longer Cyclist.ie

This is not the final logo, only a placeholder

Why is the website still Cyclist.ie?

Our focus first is to get the membership system working for everyone, before looking at the website.

Why are some emails from Cyclist.ie and others from Irish Cycling Campaign?

We’re working hard to transition away from cyclist.ie email addresses as soon as possible. In all cases, emails to [email protected] will continue to work for a period of time.

When will the new logo and brand be done?

This work is ongoing, and expected to be finalised in Q3 2024.

My question or concern isn’t addressed here. What do I do?

Head to the website and in the “Contact” menu there are options for sending a query to:

  • Membership – for all membership and payment issues
  • National Cycling Coordinator – for contacting Damien
  • Complaints – if you have wish to make a formal complaint
  • General – For everything else

What’s new in Sign-Up?

The main difference is that Sign-Up / Register asks for your Local Area (~County); you are also encouraged to visit My Groups, where you can join your Local Group and / or a Thematic Group; this will enable the Irish Cycling Campaign to support Email Communication. After Sign-up, if you visit your Profile, you will be able to enter more information on Your Interests, if you’d like to.

The system also asks for a Email Address / Password combination, so that you can later Sign-In and Manage your Account. If you forget your password, please use Password Recovery.

There is no longer any Group Membership; instead each Member should Sign-Up individually, then join Group(s) of interest

What if my Subscription Expires?

Subscriptions are annual, from the date you originally joined and renew automatically. Once you are logged in, you can Manage your Account. Occasionally, you may get auto emails e.g. if your Credit Card is declined, which happens most commonly when the Credit Card Expiry Date is updated.

Formerly Cyclist.ie