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Cyclist.ie is a national voluntary organisation which works on behalf of all cyclists in Ireland. Membership subscriptions provides us with funding and endorses our advocacy of your cycling interests. More information on organisation. We work to:

  • Make cycling a normal part of transport and everyday life in Ireland
  • Act as a non-governmental organisation for purposes which are beneficial to the community
  • Be a national voice in promoting cycling as an integral part of the transport system, and as an enjoyable, healthy, low-cost and environmentally-friendly activity in its own right
  • Undertake research into everyday cycling and road safety for cyclists
  • Offer instruction in cycling skills to children and adults

Membership is open to any RCPG (Regional Cycling Promotion Group) or Greenway Group; individuals without access to a local RCPG may also join Cyclist.ie, as individuals. Join Cyclist.ie.

The benefits of membership include access to the experience of Cyclist.ie members and hence to the extensive resources of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).

Any Donations are also welcome.

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