One thought on “What’s the best way to keep cyclists safe from the monsters of the road?”

  1. On Dublin Streets their was a Ban imposed on HGV’s passing through the Streets when the Port Tunnel was brought in between the Docks and the MI Motorway at Santry. Except now there is still a fair Proportion of them on the Streets in spite of the so called ban.

    The Authorities could make a Law that they should only Travel at 10 KM/ph going through the City also they could have a Beeper sounding when they attempt to turn so as to warn anyone on the Cycle Lane to stop moving alongside the Truck. They could have a warning light on the Traffic lights to warn a Driver of the approach of a Cyclist.

    A Cycle Lane is for the protection of Cyclists except at Junctions there is a strong Danger of Cyclists being Run over by turning Motorists you know those sort that cut you off ,sometimes deliberately. The only thing you can do if you get the chance is to keep to the right of that Cycle Lane when coming to Junctions to Block off Feral Motorists attempting to turn that Corner. It becomes more imperative if it is a Truck to make sure they can see you at those Junctions. I always try to get ahead of the Junction by a few Feet so that they can see me clearly.

    You should always be very careful of high sided Trucks stopped at Junctions when approaching them ,it is best for your own safety to not attempt to overtake them even if they are stopped. They are unpredictable because they cannot see you sidling up their inside and if they are in the wrong you cannot argue with them afterwards if you are Dead.

    I have often seen Cyclists do stupid stuff particularly during the rush Hour,it is a very dangerous time and you get Cyclists Crawling up the sides of Trucks and Buses . Then suddenly they move off ,often veering to the left nearly hitting those Cyclists.

    The Roads in Ireland are designed for the Benefit of Motorists and nothing was done since the 1960ties to improve things for Cyclists when Cars started getting Popular except put in those inadequate dangerous Cycle Lanes that we have at the moment since the early Nineties.

    The best Country for Cycling Infrastructure is the Netherlands and the Irish Government should be Copying them as best practice.
    Be careful out there.

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