Cars to blame in most accidents involving cycles – Australia

NEARLY nine out of 10 accidents involving cyclists and cars in Australia are the fault of the motorist, new research has found.

The research also recommends introducing new road rules enforcing safe passing distances for cars.

Drivers were at fault in 87 per cent of incidents with cyclists and most did not realise they had behaved in a reckless or unsafe manner, according to the Monash University Accident Research Centre and The Amy Gillett Foundation. Full article – The Australian

One thought on “Cars to blame in most accidents involving cycles – Australia”

  1. Fairly predictable statistics really and hard to argue with – cyclists are not high on the agenda for most motorists when it comes to giving a wider berth or even being aware of their presence.

    You cant re-educate drivers though – its a question of making sure cyclists themselves do everything they can to be seen and to be heard

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