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  1. Tim Allen
    6th February 2011

    well it wouldnt be a cyclist lobby without advocating for cyclist freedom to do whatever they want on the road while, at the same time, insisting on bicycles being treated as a vehicle and accorded the same rights as motorised traffic!
    The day is fast coming where:
    1. cyclists are assigned the definition of “slow moving traffic” and forced to pull in on roads to allow for progress of other road users
    2. enforcement of existing legislation regarding max 2 abreast when riding in groups – together with the measure outlined in 1 above.
    3. the application of penalty points on the driver licence of cyclists found breaking laws which attract penalty points (obviously this will only apply to cyclists who hold driver licences, and held on file for cyclists who do not possess a drivers licence for application once the cyclist actually applies for a licence.) This would motivate teenagers to obey the rules of the road so as not to risk their entitlement to drive at 17
    4. Strict new laws regarding acceptable behaviour on the roads by cyclist groups e.g. club events and the likes.
    5. Hopefully with block head Dempsey gone from transport, the anticipated rescinding of the SI compelling mandatory use of dedicated cycle tracks will not come to pass. I would advocate for the tightening up of the law in this area to include all cycle tracks and cycle paths i.e. remove the ridiculous definition of a cycle track so that all cycle facilities, where provided, become mandatory use. The cycle lobby groups can then spend their time advocating for better standards for these facilities but their mandatory use makes the roads safer for everyone!


  2. Dermot
    7th February 2011

    It’s a re-post of an article from The Guardian, and clearly marked as such. There is no editorialising by Cyclist.ie before or after the article, so I think we can be fully confident that this is not Cyclist.ie advocating for cyclists to be allowed to do whatever they like. It’s just an article of interest to cyclists that has been reposted here.

    The UKcyclerules site mentioned in the article is very interesting. I wonder whether anyone has planned an Irish version of same, or whether one exists already.


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