Dublin ranked in top 10 cycling cities worldwide

DUBLIN HAS been ranked within the top 10 cycling cities in the world.

The Danish authors of the list said they were “surprised” that Ireland’s capital ranked as the ninth when they looked at 80 major cities around the world.

They said the city was undergoing a “grand rebound” in cycling thanks to “a wildly successful bike share programme, visionary politicians who implemented bike lanes and 30km/h zones, and a citizenry who have merely shrugged and gotten on with it”. Read more

One thought on “Dublin ranked in top 10 cycling cities worldwide”

  1. Comment was made in relation to London but would just as easily apply to Dublin/Ireland:
    “….. if Copenhagenize wanted to provoke a discussion about how provision for cyclists in the city should be shaped going forward, we can’t think of a better way to start it than this:

    “It’s time for more focus on mainstream promotion of cycling and less attention paid to the rants of speed-obsessed sub-cultures. Now that you’ve designed (and spent a lot of money on) the beautiful ‘Pringle’ velodrome, how about spending a bit on cycle lanes to get there. And everywhere else.”

    Cyclist.ie representing the speed obsessed sub culture or representing the wider cycling community?

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