UK: NHS part-funds city 20mph limits

Liverpool’s Primary Care Trust is to part-fund the implementation of 20mph speed limits across residential roads in the city. The PCT will contribute £400,000 towards the £1.4m anticipated cost of the council programme to implement 20mph signed-only limits over the next four years. The Trust will also fund a £265,000 programme of perception surveys and community engagement work. Currently, 31 per cent of residential roads in Liverpool are subject to 20mph speed limits. The plans would extend this by a further 39 per cent – 587km of roads. The city council wants to include as many roads as possible, with the exception of those with limits of 40mph or more; A and B roads; and major through routes that are not primarily residential in nature. Paula Grey, director of public health for Liverpool, said: “The city still has an unacceptably high number of road accidents. Our youngest residents are particularly vulnerable to these type of incidents, with Liverpool children facing one of the highest road casualty risks in the country.”

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