2 thoughts on “The Dutch Prize Their Pedal Power, but a Sea of Bikes Swamps Their Capital”

  1. Isn’t it great to read that there is no over-reaction to this ‘problem’ from the Dutch? Just practical thinking about how to fit in more bikes! But I think this comment was my favourite:

    “Is it that Amsterdam subjects are keen on their bikes, or is it that they’re keener on avoiding extortionate fuel and car taxes levied on them by a government which encourages them to use drugs and fornicate in the street, but which doesn’t trust them with firearms or any of the other rights we enjoy?

    As for collective bike-share schemes? Please, enough with the communism. As our Cuban friends say, ‘we’ve seen this movie, it ends badly’.

    Biking is healthy. Yes. Want more health? Throw on a backpack, fill it with ballast. Start walking. Don’t stop until you croak at a ripe old age. It’s not as much fun as mowing down pedestrians and obstructing motorists with your bike, but it’ll get your blood up and you’ll gain perspective.

    There’s a reason the free market chose private cars more than one hundred years ago over all the utopian fantasy schemes the Left is trying to resurrect.

    Frankly, I’ll stick with the Jag and the Buick wagon. You can outfit them with whatever you wish and leave here in morning, and be in Texas or Virginia at day’s end. True, you don’t get to wear kool lizard suits and space helmets, but that’s just the tradeoff of acting like an adult. Heads can take a lot of banging. Necks pop easy. Were they serious, they’d wear neck braces. But that’s not ‘cool’.

    “Mr. Zecchino drives a Buick Estate Wagon. When he croaks, that’s his estate.”
    – Schorttscheet, Griftem & Skinflint, Certifiable Public Accoutrements, P.A.”

  2. The opening sentence of that comment is breathtaking in it’s sheer myopic arrogance. You got to hand it to the right-wing Yank astroturfers, they do a great line in irrational ranting. They spend their days lurking on sites like the NYT, ready to pounce on any whiff of lily-livered liberalism wafting over from the euro-weenies, viewing any reasonable approach to solving a problem that does not fit into their worldview as an affront, and an attack on their freedom, ready to cast any logic or reasonable argument aside in pursuit of an unflinchingly rigid dogmatism. They are best descibed by one of their own favourite words; a**holes.

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