Burkhard Horn – Dublin Cycling Campaign Lecture 2013

Bike week lecture on youTube

Lessons from Berlin:

  • Patience and persistence is required – Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Berlin, nor will Dublin turn into a cycling City in the short term
  • Don’t copy Copenhagen, don’t copy Amsterdam, don’t copy Berlin – find your own way
  • To be learned from Copenhagen and Amsterdam: political backing from the leaders of local government and parliament makes things a lot easier and helps establish a culture in favour of cycling
  • To be learned from Berlin: a cycling policy has to be an integral part of an overall transport strategey for your city
  • The problem is not that too few people are cycling; the problem is that too many people are driving; that causes big problems not only for Dublin but for almost all bigger cities
  • The main goal should be to reduce car traffic – fostering cycling is only one part of a strategy to reach that goal

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