We need to put brakes on obsession with car as mode of transport

CarTraffic1_large” … Corrupt planning and the age profile of politicians who still think driving is the future have been part of the problem. But more than anything else there has been a lack of courage to do the right thing now even if the dividends aren’t seen before this generation of politicians has retired …” Read article

6 thoughts on “We need to put brakes on obsession with car as mode of transport”

  1. Nice post!! Your tips on driving seem to be very informative. I feel that these should be followed by the children that would allow them to have a firm control on the car. The driving lessons are very compulsory to have a proper outlook and overview. The driving license in our country are very difficult to achieve and proper lessons can turn in favor of you.

  2. where the superscripts 0 and 1 indicate values of demand, T, and cost, C, before and after the change in cost, respectively. For example, if car fuel costs increase by 10% and trips by car fall by 2%, then the elasticity of car trips with respect to fuel cost would be log(0.98)/log(1.10)=-0.212. For the purposes of these realism tests, demand would be in terms of car-kms (for private modes) or person trips (for public transport). Elasticities would normally represent long-term responses unless indicated otherwise.

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