Local Authority election 2014 on-line survey

This is an analysis of the small number of responses to the Local Authority election 2014 on-line survey. There were only 50 usable responses (some did it twice!) out of 1,922 candidates. We were unable to reach lots due to not having contact email address and poor party HQ cooperation in getting the invitation out to candidates. Independent/non-party candidates are particularly difficult to reach. This means we can’t draw too much from such a limited response. We are disappointed that party HQs quite clearly failed to forward the email invitation to their candidates.

Party affiliation

  • 19 Green
  • 8 Independent/non-party
  • 8 Labour
  • 9 People Before Profit
  • 2 Sinn Fein
  • 3 Fine Gael
  • 1 Fianna Fail

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Limerick Smarter Travel Infrastructure – update

After years of consultations, documents, PR etc. it is good to see some bollards on the ground at last

The flagship project is the river / canal path between the city and the university – 3/4km; but the road route is also in for improvement; the key impediment for cyclists on this route are two of the largest roundabouts in Limerick.

Below are some pictures of the work-in-progress on one of these roundabouts; a few things worth mentioning: 1) a key idea is to improve the (currently narrow) bi-directional pedestrian / cycle path on the city – university route 2) two 3-lane approaches to the roundabout are being reduced to 2-lane 3) the roundabout diameter is being increased

To be somewhat cynical about it, you could say this work is really a partial roll-back of the excessively car-centric infrastructure built in an earlier time

This is a report I did for LCC on this roundabout – which deals with these issues and more: Groody Roundabout Cycle Audit

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Lane reduction 1 Lane reduction 2 Widening pedestrian & cycle lane 1 Widening pedestrian & cycle lane 2 Widening pedestrian & cycle lane 3