Local Authority election 2014 on-line survey

This is an analysis of the small number of responses to the Local Authority election 2014 on-line survey. There were only 50 usable responses (some did it twice!) out of 1,922 candidates. We were unable to reach lots due to not having contact email address and poor party HQ cooperation in getting the invitation out to candidates. Independent/non-party candidates are particularly difficult to reach. This means we can’t draw too much from such a limited response. We are disappointed that party HQs quite clearly failed to forward the email invitation to their candidates.

Party affiliation

  • 19 Green
  • 8 Independent/non-party
  • 8 Labour
  • 9 People Before Profit
  • 2 Sinn Fein
  • 3 Fine Gael
  • 1 Fianna Fail


Majority were candidates from GDA (urban areas) with a sprinkling from Kilkenny City, Cork City principally with a few from other urban areas (Dundalk, Monaghan). None was rural.

All want to see 30 km/h limits brought in around schools; All want Cycle Forums in their LA.

How often do you use your bike?

  • 42.5% everyday
  • 32.5% at least every week
  • 17,5% rarely
  • 7.5% never!

NCPF implementation of 10% trip target

  • 98% wish to see it achieved

What do you consider main benefits of cycling?

  • 56% agree with reducing heart/stroke/diabetes
  • 40% greenhouse gas emissions mitigation
  • 42% safer/quieter streets

What measures do you favour to implement 10% trip target?

  • 64% high importance to make it easier to combine cycling with public transport
  • 70% high importance to junction re-design
  • 56% high importance to parking in cycle lanes/tracks properly enforced

What do you see as obstacles to increased cycling uptake?

  • 64% high importance to cycling unfriendly road design
  • 47% high importance to traffic speed too high

How to get more children cycling?

  • 64% high importance to funding safe routes to school
  • 44% high importance to 30 km/h speed limits around schools
  • 34% high importance for free cycling skills training on-road

Cycling Officer appointement in LAs?

  • 92.5% in favour