First day back at school

Deane Roundabout (junction of Western Distributor Road & Seamus Quirke Road) clogged with motorised traffic as children return to school on a dry sunny morning.

Child cycling 3 km to primary school cannot cross the road because the useless uncontrolled crossings are blocked by cars. A large sign names the agencies responsible for this recent project: Galway City Council; European Regional Development Fund; Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport; Border, Midland & Western Regional Authority; National Roads Authority; Hyder Tobin Consultants.

28th August 2014

One thought on “First day back at school”

  1. Really depressing – so difficult for kids trying to cycle anywhere in this country. My kids cycle to schools but it is very stressful as they have to negotiate so many obstacles, there is no free flow cycling for them and a lot of it has to be on the footpaths – now there is going to be mandatory €50 fines for them doing this – the design and usage of our urban spaces encourages you to drive your kids to school.

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