UK Cycling Delivery Plan

UK Cycling Delivery Plan

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport could usefully reflect on this report when undertaking its review of the NCPF under way at present; the following is taken directly from the document:

In forming a partnership with government, we would expect local authorities to:

  • Set a clear and specific vision for their area which outlines how cycling and walking will be increased and supported in a defined area over a defined period;
  • Develop a local walking and cycling delivery plan, supported by their own local partners such as voluntary sector organisations;
  • Appoint an influential cycling and walking champion locally, be that an elected member, supported by senior officer or a key public figure;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to door-to-door journeys, and to creating safe cycling and walking provision through cycle proofing and pedestrian proofing new transport infrastructure and, where relevant, a planned and funded cycling and walking investment programme;
  • Demonstrate that their walking and cycling plans include steps to meet the needs of people from hard to reach groups – including disabled people, older people and others whose needs may differ.

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