ECF stresses economic benefits of cycling

Europe: The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has put out a growth plan detailing how the cycling community can contribute to economic growth in Europe.

The ECF’s Kevin Mayne said: “We can create more jobs for Europeans through investment in cycling, not only because it has a proven record for creation of green and sustainable jobs, but because of the huge contributions it makes to the EU’s wider objectives. Our partners, our businesses and policy makers are ready to build on cycling’s current 650,000 jobs and €217bn per year contribution to the EU economy.”

There are three main focus points for the ECF: great investment in cycling through provision of EU subsidies; integration of cycling into growth plans; and provision of fiscal benefits for cyclists.

The report stresses that 650,000 full time jobs are linked to cycling in Europe today. It argues that this figure could increase to up to one million by 2020, should cycling’s modal share double.

According to the ECF, over €2bn can be utilised from the EU up to 2020 to invest into cycling resources.

The cycling organisation argues that its plan fits into the European Commission’s pushing of a €300bn investment strategy, saying that cycling can play an important role in the future of Europe and should receive adequate investment.