Fixed Charge Notices – Promotion by Gardaí & RSA

Today the above poster appeared on the Gardaí social media platforms. Such mixed messages and inaccuracies are not a good start to their promotion of Fixed Charge Notices which are due to be introduced from the end of next week. We have written to them outline the issues, as follows:

To : John Ferris (Garda Press Office)

Thanks once again for meeting us last week on the ‘On the Spot Fines’ issue. Much appreciated, and hopefully we can liaise regularly on issues such as this.

We have just seen the Facebook & Twitter image posted by yourselves, together with RSA (see attached) and we would like to point out that it is not technically correct. You might note that Items 4 and 7 on your list are virtually identical.

We are also disappointed that the issues of helmet wearing, hi-viz, and front reflectors, all of which are not mandatory, and do not incur a fine or are not illegal, are bound up with the agreed issues which are illegal – although not having a rear reflector, does not incur an FCN. We suggest that these need to clearly distinguished as not incurring any fine, or not being an offence.

In summary we are disappointed with the inaccuracy of the post and we suggest it be corrected as soon as possible, and that the non-mandatory items be removed from the post.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss further.

Colm Ryder

Dublin Cycling Campaign /

Twitter: @dublincycling or @cyclistie – #CyclingFCN

Contact Us at Dublin Cycling Campaign or using a subject line of “Cycling FCN”