Meeting of delegation with Garda Press Office

  • Cycling fines will be enforced by An Garda from Aug 1, for a range of offences, listed below.
  • wants safer streets and roads and encourages all cyclists to observe the new rules and not contribute to the creation of a convenient revenue stream for the Exchequer. However, it does not believe the proposed legislation, and the attitude towards its enforcement has struck the right balance to achieve safer road conditions for cyclists.
  •, at this meeting with An Garda on the subject, called for balanced policing which improves road safety for all road users. i.e. stricter enforcement of motoring offences which are hazardous for cyclists such as fly-parking in cycle lanes, safe overtaking distances, lower speed limits etc.
  • Official government policy – as outlined in NCPF – needs to inform all traffic-related activities in the state.

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