Meeting of delegation with Garda Press Office

  • Cycling fines will be enforced by An Garda from Aug 1, for a range of offences, listed below.
  • wants safer streets and roads and encourages all cyclists to observe the new rules and not contribute to the creation of a convenient revenue stream for the Exchequer. However, it does not believe the proposed legislation, and the attitude towards its enforcement has struck the right balance to achieve safer road conditions for cyclists.
  •, at this meeting with An Garda on the subject, called for balanced policing which improves road safety for all road users. i.e. stricter enforcement of motoring offences which are hazardous for cyclists such as fly-parking in cycle lanes, safe overtaking distances, lower speed limits etc.
  • Official government policy – as outlined in NCPF – needs to inform all traffic-related activities in the state.

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5 thoughts on “Meeting of delegation with Garda Press Office”

  1. Thank you for meeting with An Garda Síochána and for raising safety issues on behalf of cyclists. One thing I would correct you on is that the Gardaí don’t get any revenue from the charges, it goes back to the exchequer. The same applies for Fixed Charge Penalties for motoring offences, the Gardaí don’t ‘make money’ from them. I think the best response to these new charges is to ensure that every cyclist follows the law and they effectively become a moot point. Then we can get on with the serious business of improving safety, infrastructure, planning and driver behaviour for the benefit of cyclists, without the debate being distracted by stories of errant cyclists breaking red lights etc.

    Re revenue: that now corrected – thanks for pointing out that – webmaster

  2. Cars and bikes moving away from traffic lights at the same time increases the likelihood of accidents. Serious consideration should be given to a). The new Parisian model of being able to turn left (their right) on red, and through ‘T’ junctions on red, and b). cyclists being able to advance on red at crossroads in conjunction with the pedestrian green light.

  3. The majority of drivers are law-abiding insofar as their own safety is concerned. Parkinh in cycle lanes doesn’t jeopardise or compromise safety for the driver in the same way as breaking lights. That’s why a driver gets irate about a cyclist breaking the lights. The view the behaviour of the cyclist through “driver’s” eyes. They fail to see that, from a cyclist’s perspective, a car parked in a cycle lane compromises cyclist safety more than breaking a red light the odd time. However, if cyclist behaviour reached the level of driver behaviour – obeying the law, mostly – perhaps we’ll be able to see a bit more enforcement by An Garda in relation to those offences by drivers that they regard as innocuous but which are highly dangerous to cyclists

  4. Well done for meeting with Gardaí and for supporting compliance with the law by all road users. Attitude of these Gardaí is appalling in its ignorance of-
    – Overtaking safety
    – Economics (motor traffic is NOT the only way of doing business)
    – NCPF provisions
    Thank you for exposing this.

  5. Well done for meeting with them!
    Disappointing reaction from the Gardaí (though predictable).
    There are a lot of cars who sail through red lights at junctions (see number of Luas collisions), I would have loved to hear their opinion on the non-enforcement of that. I’ve often thought of recording the offences, the really dangerous ones that is, with a video camera and submitting it to Garda station. I think I know what would come of that effort.

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