Bicycle recyle project in Kosovo

In Kosovo in general, but especially in our community people are not aware of the significance and benefits of recycling, toward the environment, economy and health. We want to introduce recycling through reparation of the bikes that we are going to collect in several communities. We are also going to spread the idea to the people who will get them and those are the most vulnerable people in our community. We think that that way of raising awareness and creativity can be done with recycling of the “trash” which is in our homes, city, schools and so on, and we hope that this project can serve as a pilot project for other projects to come. Read more

Waterford Greenway – Public Information Meetings

Waterford City and County Council is currently developing the Waterford Greenway along a 45km section of the old disused railway line from Dungarvan to Waterford. It is anticipated that this amenity will officially open to the public in the second half of 2016. It is envisaged that the development and completion of the Greenway will have a hugely significant cultural, social and economic impact on the people of Waterford in the years to come. Read article