2 thoughts on “Time to rethink the commute to school”

  1. Schemes like this with apparent support from key actors like An Garda Siochana (AGS) and a local Chamber of Commerce can only work if parents who insist on doing the school run by car understand that they can’t deliver their child right to the school gate.
    The area surrounding a school gate needs to be kept car-free so as to encourage walking and cycling safely to school.
    AGS needs to be much more diligent about issuing FCNs to drivers who park illegally in cycle tracks.
    The routes to schools must be traffic-calmed (30 km/h, sped-bumps, chicanes, etc).
    Boards of Management must be tasked by the Department of Education and Skills to undertake mobility-planning for staff and students. The message must be to reduce the intensity of the school-run by car.

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