Briefing on Decarbonising Ireland’s Transport sector

Transport accounts for 20% of Ireland’s overall emissions (and 27% of our non-ETS emissions), with 52% of overall transport emissions coming from private cars, 24% from freight, and 4% from public transport.

Project Ireland 2040: Investing in the Transition to a Low-Carbon and Climate-Resilient Society

  • Decarbonising Ireland’s transport sector needs to become an urgent priority for Government, and agencies such as the NTA. Transport is the only sector to have increased its share of emissions since 1990. In fact, emissions have doubled since 1990 to one fifth of Ireland’s total. Actual total transport emissions rose 4% in 2015 and are continuing to rise quickly.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency expects a 13% increase in national GHG emissions from transport between 2016 and 2035.
  • As noted by Ireland’s ​ Climate Change Advisory Council​ , progress in tackling transport emissions has been very limited.
  • Most especially for transport, Ireland’s ratification of the Paris Agreement equates to a limited fossil fuel budget, including oil and gas. That means an overriding imperative to reduce the petrol and diesel use every year no matter what.
  • It is notable that the ​ Department’s priorities​ fail to mention climate change or emission reductions. The only reference in the Department’s annual report is a mention of the National Mitigation Plan, which suggests that insufficient regard has been taken to the urgency of what is required in this sector. The Minister should fully support a roadmap for the decarbonisation of the transport sector, specifying annual emissions reductions and how these will be achieved.
  • How is the Department contributing to the targets set by the​ National Policy Position​ ? By 2050 the long term vision was to see an aggregate reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of at least 80% (compared to 1990 levels) across the electricity generation, built environment and transport sectors.
  • Failure of the Government to reach targets set for ​ Smarter Travel​ and ​ cycling​ policies to achieve emissions savings. Why are they not being implemented

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