Submissions on New Sustainable Mobility Policy made four detailed submissions today (28th of February 2020) in regard to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS)’s Review of Sustainable Mobility Policy. Our submissions covered Active Travel, Climate, Congestion and a Summary paper

In our submissions, we pointed out that the Irish modal share data speak for themselves: a car dependence of 74%; a public transport share of a mere 6%; 15% travelling on foot; and just 2% cycling. Immediate and radical action is required to address the failure to improve this balance over the last half-century. For comparison, the modal share for cycling for all trips in The Netherlands is approx 25% and for trips under 7.5km is approx 33%. 

We believe that the government needs to invest far more seriously in active travel – and to de-prioritise investment in the unsustainable modes – in order to achieve an increase in active travel in all parts of Ireland: urban, suburban and rural area. There is a need for greater recognition of the potential of walking and cycling to achieve carbon abatement targets and recognition of the many wider benefits increased cycling offers. 

A sincere thanks to our volunteers – and, in particular, the members of the Executive Committee – in drafting these submissions. 

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