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  1. John hogan
    24th September 2020

    In Kilkenny this week (end September 2020) we will see the completion of a superb straightening, widening and resurfacing of the road between Kilkenny and the town of Callan. Another opportunity to provide at least one cycle way to another town in rural Kilkenny lost. Can we please campaign to ensure that all future road enhancement s include at least one cycle lane.


  2. Anthony Shanley
    15th October 2020

    On RURAL roads there should be ONLY ONE cycle lane with some separation from the main carriageway, not separate cycle lanes each side of the rural road, which are a complete waste of public funds. Examples of the latter are on Dingle peninsula where outside Camp and Anascaul separate cycle lanes each side of road are too narrow for 2 to cycle alongside. A single cycle lane of minimum 1.8m width is much better and cheaper. In rural Europe I have seen and used these single separated lanes. ONLY one cycle lane!


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