Bandon Town Public Realm – Submissions and local member group, Bike Friendly Bandon, made submissions last week (8th March 2021) on the Bandon Transportation Public Realm Enhancement Plan (TPREP) Implementation Project – Phase 1. broadly welcomes the proposed upgrade and enhancement of Bandon Town centre in the interests of making the town more people friendly, more social and community focused, and ultimately a safer and more pleasant place. 

Screen shot from the artist produced animation forming part of the consultation documents

We support the proposed improvements to the public realm and general mobility plans for the town but we recommended that:

  • Scheme extents should be reviewed to encompass areas such as the Glasslyn Road Roundabout, Market Quay, all of Oliver Plunkett St, and the western entrance to the town centre via Market St. 
  • A clear 30kph speed limit needs to be set throughout the town. 
  • Urban single carriageway widths need to be reduced to 3 metres throughout rather than the displayed 3.5 metres. This will provide extra benefits to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as promoting increased commercial opportunities. 
  • There needs to be signalisation and redesign of the Glasslyn Road/Finbarr’s Place junction to improve safety and improve pedestrian and cyclist movements.
  • A ‘statement’ design be implemented on the western approach to the town centre, to clearly define a different area. 
  • A contra flow cycling system be designed and introduced.

Bike Friendly Bandon began in 2020 with the aim of encouraging an increase of day to day cycling around the town, so that everyone of any age can feel safe to cycle around Bandon. Approximately 100 local people have been involved in their activities. We highly recommend you check out the lovely recently produced short video on their activities.  

Bike Friendly Bandon fully supports the TPREP’s move away from encouraging vehicles in the town centre, while prioritising pedestrians, vulnerable users and cyclists by reducing speed limits and changing the layout of the roads. This starts to address the historical bias towards private motorised transport whilst still needing to think radically about how Bandon, as a town, can meet the actions required for the Climate Emergency as declared by The Irish Government and Cork County Council. 

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