CRAC: Cycle route assessment checklist

Bold Ambitions for Better Quality Cycle Routes

It’s 2021. And the cycle routes in Ireland are not yet good enough.


  1. Too often the designs overlook key elements, which help to make routes safe and attractive. 
  2. Ordinary people like you, are not participating in the design process. has a bold ambition to help solve both of these problems. 


By creating one simple tool that can be used by designers to make sure every aspect of good design is included, and can also be used by people on bikes to meaningfully let those designers know what does or doesn’t work. Check out our CRAC page to find out more and to trial the tool.

One thought on “CRAC: Cycle route assessment checklist”

  1. Saw this… Not sure if its too late to post. Did the wild Atlantic way and finished 2 weeks ago although scenery was stunning the roads were in a shocking state, lacked cycle routes in major built up areas and lack of signage for cycle lanes… We found the whole way was physically and metaphorically driven for the use of car and huge motor homes with people lacking the knowledge on large vehicles and how to drive them. There is no enforcement of distance rules and only when we put our cameras on our heads did people attempt to give us space. The whole thing was designed for the utilisation of fossil fuels by car and campervan the sole focus by tourist board and government a total shame. The hotels and hostels lacked serious facilities for bikes although they tried to accommodate with what they had. Cycling is the future of tourism and If ireland is serious about cutting its emissions both commuting and tourism it needs better facilities and clear signage for cycling and routes. We also stayed in a hotel by the airport and cycled into Dublin at the point on the n1 interchange the cycle route signs disappear and act as if guiding you onto the n1 the only way out of this easily made mistake is to run with your bike across the slip road to the motorway to rejoin the cycle route absolutely ridiculous. Ive cycled all over the world and ireland has amazing scenery but the facilities for cycling and safety is non existence I’ve been in Kuwait and India where people have no idea of rules of the road and networks were poor ireland in terms of respect for other road users namely bikes is on a par with these countries. But even Kuwait a fossil fuel driven country has better cycling facilities than ireland. Dublin cycle routes in many places have no natural flow have so many changes of direction and sides left and right and very little signage anyone wishing to start cycling would be totally put off in 1 day never mind tourists. Shared access and bikes and cars don’t mix… Congestion charges need to be brought in for vehicles in center of Dublin and serious drivers for change in favour of cycling implemented. Personally I would be wary of recommending tourism on a bike in ireland. The only people who were courteous were cars with bikes on the vehicles. I’d planners to pick up thy bike and cycle. I would certainly be willing to take one of them with me on a day of cycling and view the cycle lens through the lens of a tourist. I guarantee serious changes would be made. The n1 interchange needs urgent addressing before a fatality occurs. Come on Ireland cycling is the future.

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