an Awardee of Rethink Ireland’s Glas Funding

Cyclist is delighted to be advancing its work on the Rural Cycling Vision with funding support provided by Rethink Ireland under their Glas Communities Fund. Rethink Ireland has granted this award with the support of the Department of Rural and Community Development from the Dormant Accounts Fund and Ornua. The project runs from October 2021 to April 2022. A summary of the projects of the five awardees under this scheme can be read here

Through this six month long project, is aiming to encourage and assist local cycling advocacy groups to establish and grow. It is doing this by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise between cycling groups, empowering rural groups to engage systematically with their local authorities and advancing bespoke campaigns and events. The support from Rethink Ireland is also helping to build on its organisational capacity to achieve social impact over time. 

The support is already bearing fruit with the development of’s nine Action Groups. The creation of these groups enables our expanding volunteer base to contribute directly to specific domains of work. It also enables the transfer of knowledge between experienced and new advocates. 

Additionally, through the support of Rethink Ireland and with the professional input of Communications company We the People, is — for the first time ever — developing a Communications Strategy. This is another exciting development for the organisation and we look forward to engaging with many audiences with the new insights gained over the coming months and years. 

Watch this space for further updates on the project! 

Note that this funding success follows on from another recent successful project funded by Rethink Ireland under their Innovate Together Fund – see here

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