Efficiency of Space for Different Transport Modes

Kudos to Dublin City Council for organising its ‘Efficiency of Space’ photoshoot early last Sunday morning, 11 September 2022, for which several members of Cyclist.ie and Dublin Cycling Campaign volunteered. 

The images produced are a powerful reminder of how space-efficient bicycles and buses are in a city centre environment. 

The City Council also produced this video as part of the event:

The original image from 1979, which inspired the ones produced this week, was produced by Fietsersbond – The Dutch Cyclists’ Union. You can see that immediately below. Fietsersbond are Cyclist.ie’s counterpart in The Netherlands and a founding member of the European Cyclists’ Federation (back in 1983). 

It’s worth noting the the original Dutch image was produced around the time of the energy crises – and we are back into that political space again now. 

The Dutch image inspired other images such as this one from Munster in Germany:

And this one from Camberra in Australia:

Cyclist.ie would urge other Irish (city based) local authorities to create equivalent images………. and, of course, more liveable city and town centres. 

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