DCC CLG / Cyclist.ie Organisation Restructure – Save the Dates

Extraordinary General Meeting, Wed 19 April 2023** at 8.00pm

Online consultation on how the unified organisation will function, Sat 11 March 2023, 2.00 pm-5.00 pm

After many months / years of discussions, consultations, drafting, expert advice etc., we are finally ready for an EGM to decide on the future of the organisation. Our draft Constitution is ready to be voted on by members* at our online EGM on Wed 19 April** at 8.00 pm. Also on the agenda for the EGM is the decision on a new name. Formal notification will be issued to all members shortly, but in the meantime please save the date.

In advance of the EGM, there will be an online meeting on Sat 11 March from 2pm to 5pm. The purpose of this meeting is to explore how the unified organisation will function day-to-day. An Operations Manual has being drafted which contains proposed details of how the new organisation will function. It’s important that as many members as possible take the opportunity to contribute so that the Operations Manual is as comprehensive as possible and that it meets the needs of the organisation going forward.

To register for the Online Consultation session please go to: 

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the meeting and at our in-person meet up afterwards! (location tbc)

*Any paid up member of Dublin Cycling Campaign, any individual member of Cyclist.ie, and one rep per group on Cyclist.ie

**Note that this is the updated/amended date for the EGM. (Please ignore the previous date that was posted in an earlier version of this article).

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