How to Report Illegal Parking in Bike Lanes

Earlier in January, one of our members emailed the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau seeking clarity on how one should report illegal parking in bike lanes.

The questions posed are immediately below and the responses are beneath those. 

1) Can it only be done at a Garda station? If there are other ways, please list all ways
2) Must photos be provided? If so, how? And is there anything else regarding photos that is required?
3) Must a statement be given in order for a penalty to be issued?
4) Are there restrictions as to when the report can be made? Eg. Next day?
5) Are there any other requirements when reporting illegal parking?


Thank you for contacting this office.

With reference to your email hereunder, this office is to advise as follows in relation to your query.

With regards to the reporting of illegal parking of vehicles in cycle lanes, this office is to advise that reports can be made as follows;

  • Reports can be made at your local Garda Station.
  • Reports can be made using the Traffic Watch lo-cal number – 0818 205 805
  • Reports can be to the relevant local authority.

It is advised that documentary evidence of an offence is recorded by reporting persons, such as photograph/video.

In submitting documentary evidence of a road traffic offence, the provision of a statement to a member of An Garda Síochána may be necessitated.

It is advised that reports to An Garda Síochána are made at the earliest convenience, to ensure an appropriate and timely response.

In the event that a prosecution is instigated against a vehicle user/owner by a member of An Garda Síochána following such report, the reporting party may be required to attend any prosecution before the District Court in a witness capacity.

Please find information on Traffic Watch from the attached hyperlink, which may be assistance to you: 

The photo above was kindly provided by Noel Hogan in the Drogheda Cycling Group – The image above shows illegal car parking on footpaths, not bike lanes in this case.

One thought on “How to Report Illegal Parking in Bike Lanes”

  1. I asked a Garda on a bicycle for the procedure and rules and he didn’t know!
    On another occasion I stopped beside a Garda car and asked what he would do about the 3 cars visibly parked in the adjoining cycle lane. He replied that as soon as his partner emerged from the shop he would fine them. When his partner emerged he promptly drove away!

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