Come west along the railroad

imagePlans to turn disused railways into greenways – routes for cycling and walking – have proved contentious

The idea of turning abandoned railway lines into walking and cycling routes, called greenways, is catching on. Indeed, Taoiseach Enda Kenny knows all about the success of the longest greenway in Ireland, running from Westport to Achill, in his Mayo constituency.

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Doubling cycling by 2020 set to become EU policy

On Thursday a key committee of European MEPs adopted ECF’s Vision for doubling cycling in the EU by 2020 and the target is on course to be adopted as full EU policy later this year.

This is the first time that the ECF target has been formally adopted in an EU action plan and is a major milestone in ECF’s campaign to release billions of euros for cycling in the next EU budget.

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Two wheels good. Four wheels bad

Bicycle people are nice people, car people are fascists

Citizens from countries that use bicycles in disproportionate numbers tend to be the most tolerant and free-spirited.image

The letters page of The Irish Times has recently been entertaining a debate about the menace that careering cyclists pose to poor wee drivers and their delicate metal carriages. One correspondent, annoyed by poor behaviour from the cycling community, has suggested that number plates be mandatory for all users of the two-wheeled engines of death (my facetious words, not hers). Read article

Roads turnaround: blueprint for urban areas puts cars at bottom of hierarchy

imageNew design manual recommends steps stuch as getting rid of guardrails, providing more zebra crossings and ‘decluttering’ streets by removing traffic signage

The accumulated wisdom of two generations of road engineers grappling with traffic in towns has been turned on its head by the Design Manual for Urban Roads issued jointly by the Departments of Transport and Environment.

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